Walkable Cities

A Primary goal of the Sustainability movement is the objective of promoting development in locations which have walking access to open space, parks and recreation. The home is located within 1/2 mile (along public sidewalks) to Pinecrest Gardens, the Pinecrest Public library, and Pinecrest Recreation Center. Pinecrest Gardens was the location of the world-famous Parrot Jungle between 1936-2003.

A tropical paradise of plants and native South Florida environment, Pinecrest Gardens is also host to a wide range of significant local events, including concerts, art shows and theatrical performances, as well as food festivals. The Pinecrest Market is a weekly event at the Park.


Strengthened Glazing

Exterior windows and door frames are made of recycled aluminum that have been tested for wind speeds in excess of Category 5 hurricane requirements. The insulated, laminated safety glazing used throughout the home is ¾”- 1” thick (depending on the size of the panel) and is laminated with a Lo-E coating on direct, sun-exposed surfaces.


Photovoltaic Solar Trellis

A 6 kW photovoltaic “Solar Trellis” composed of 21-300w monocrystalline Bifacial PV panels supports a large portion of the home’s energy needs.

Strengthened Shell

The exterior shell of the home is entirely constructed of 8”-12” concrete and concrete block. In the event of a natural disaster, the structure, designed for wind speeds over 180 mph, acts as a monolithic element in conjunction with85% of the roof built from precast concrete joists.


Proposed Tennis Court

The Tennis court is envisioned to be "Wimbeldon Style" grass as part of the commitment to Sustainability. The benefits of a grass surface vs. a traditional paved tennis court include reduction in heat island effect and 100% drainage into the soil below. Health benefits include reduction of stress on the joints and serving as a safety cushion in the event of accidental fall. The surface also allows for use as a children's play field for soccer and other activities.


Solar Hot Water System

Hot water panels heat 100% of water for the home, and are mounted on the home's roof, where they can collect sun throughout the day.

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