Minimum Site Impact, Habitat Preservation, and Landscape

The landscape includes xeriscaping techniques to reduce or eliminate the need for additional irrigation. All of the plants on the property are drought-tolerant, native plants to the South Florida region. The impervious area of the site was minimized through the use of the Grasspave2 driveway system that allows for better rain percolation.


Natural Ventilation & Lighting

20-ft ceilings and operable floor-to-ceiling doors and windows allow for cross-ventilation and natural lighting in high-traffic areas.




Healthy Environment

A/C filters are Merv 13-rated and indoor humidity is controlled year-round at 50%-60%. Details are designed for ease of cleaning and to minimize dust.


Additional Safety

All electrical devices are secured by a whole-house surge protection system. The house is primarily all concrete and non-combustible materials, meeting strict fire safety standards.



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